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WPX Hosting is a webhosting provider that is well recognized for its WordPress managed hosting services. It’s currently one of the fastest web host available on the market, with fastest loading times.

The Company’s co of WPX hosting, Mr. Terry Kyle, founded the business following a horrific experience with several other hosting services. He discovered that most of the website hosting companies have been spreading false information. They also provided shoddy packages at a ridiculous costs. So, he decided to create an independent web hosting service. One which would provide quality service and change the experience of customers.

WPX Hosting can handle high traffic and load heavy media sites in seconds. It’s inexpensive and provides you a lot of options to choose. Irrespective of whether you are a start-up or a well-established company, there is a possibility for you.

The customer service team is always responsive to the needs of all its users. Their services and support are different and of a kind. They also handle to resolve major website issues in a couple of minutes.

But there’s a few drawbacks. Prices may be high for newbies. Even though it’s available at reasonable prices, cost can be jarring for newcomers.

Now, let’s dive into the WPX Hosting Review.

Hosting features of WPX

WPX Hosting is a feature rich, fully managed WordPress hosting provider. It uses the latest technology, such as SSD storage and the Custom Content Delivery Network (CDN) to boost site speed. It also comes with a variety of security features, such as DDoS protection,malware detection,  and so on. With a 99.95 percent uptime warranty this is one of the most reliable and quickest hosting providers in the industry.

Lightning-Quick Speed

WPX Hosting uses world modern technologies that increases the performance of WPX Hosting and internet sites on WPX Hosting loads at fast speed.

SSL Complimentary

SSL is a necessity for all owners of websites. This helps to ensure that both you and your customers get a secure connection. Even as free SSL is available, installation is required. WPX Hosting obtains SSL certification and executes the same on your WordPress site. Thus, with no effort, SSL would be configured in seconds.

Integrating WPX cloud

A CDN uses a geographically diverse proxy server network to cache static website data like images, video, audio, HTML files, and so on. When anyone is trying to access your site, the closest provides network is being used to fetch these static content. It helps reduce delay and greatly improves the speed of the website.

Unlike many other hosting companies, WPX Hosting removes the need to locate, configure, and install a thirdparty CDN. Rather, it will provide you with the WPX Cloud, a builtin CDN in-house. WPX Cloud proxy servers are allocated all over 20 data centers across 6 continents. It makes sure that the website loads quickly, regardless of where your audience is domiciled.

Free Dos Mitigation

Any beginner can easily conduct a DDoS attack, that also relies on your website being overrun by traffic from various sources to network sever the connection between both the web host and the domain  .

Luckily, WPX Hosting provides world-class Ddos protection services, previously given by Imperva Incapsula.

WPX Hosting is generous to offer this outstanding DDoS protection completely for free to WPX clients, taking into consideration that perhaps the best value for money from Incapsula costs $299 per month.

Backups of the Daily WordPress Website

WPX hosting would then back up your site on an every day as part of its operation. For enhanced protection, backup files can be stored on a different server and placed for 14 days. There is no fee for backup if something goes wrong. You could also use your own backup solution, such as plugins like BackWPup or BackupBuddy and store your own files.

Removal of on-demand malware

Malware is a nightmare for every website owner.

Not only does malware damage the total credibility of your WordPress site, it will also affect your brand image and traffic, going to cause your website to hit the barrier in terms of income.

And besides, noone ever comes to visit the website to immerse their device in virus infections, doesn’t it?

WPX Hosting has protected it all with everyday malware scans. I really like how the WPX team shows an engaging pop-up “fixed for your guarantee” to brag about what they’re doing for free.

Free WordPress Website Migration Services

If you’ve a WordPress site, you could be curious if transferring to a faster web server is worth the time and effort. Tools and Plugins  are ready to help you move to the WordPress site. Even so, the process is not always simple.

Luckily, WPX Hosting is offering a free website movement service. The migration service is mentioned to be completed within 24 hours. The team is moving your entire WordPress site from your existing web server to your current WPX Hosting account. The transfer of emails linked to this website has been included in the provider.

WPX Hosting & Plans

WPX provides 3 separate subscription choices begin at $24.99 per month. A most basic package contains 10GB of Storage space and 100GB of bandwidth. In addition, all subscription plans provide unrestricted site transfer, unlimited SSL certificates, malware removal, corporate DDoS protection, and everyday automatic backups. Although there is no choice for a trial period, it does give a 30-day money – back guarantee.

WPX Hosting is WordPress managed Hosting, and it has a higher price than shared hosting, such as Hostgator, Bluehost and Siteground. However when we compare it to other leading WordPress hosting providers like WPEngine and Kinsta , this is the most reliable hosting solution with affordable price.

WPX Hosting’s current plan begins at $24.99/month However when you pay yearly, it only charges $20. It’s a month. You could host up to 5 sites throughout this WPX Hosting Plan, then it charges only about $5 to host each site with useful features. But other top hosting sites like WPengine and Kinsta cost approximately $30 a month just for one site. And also to host five of these hosting sites, you have to pay about $100 a month.

Conclusion of WPX Hosting Review

WPX Hosting is a quick, simple web host. If you’d like to upgrade the hosting provisions of your site or create a new project on track , then WPX Hosting is a good choice.

The three subscription plans try to keep it simple and starting up a new WordPress site couldn’t have been easier. The free migration service will be convenient anyone with a current WordPress site hosted somewhere else.

Particularly in comparison to shared web hosting, WPX Hosting and managed WordPress hosting are generally not cheap. However, with prices starting at $24.99 per month, such as the right to host up to five WordPress sites, if you’re ready to upgrade, WPX Hosting is among the most cheap alternatives.