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Flywheel has been established in 2012 by Dusty Davidson, Rick Kudtson and Tony Noecker with the objective of making specific target and unique products that can help companies develop their WordPress company. The corporation already has more than 28,000 global customers and presently does have more over 200 employees all over the world.

Davidson and Knudtson, both of which have lately left the startup of  Layeredi mobile marketing, have been focusing  on Flywheel. Noecker works parttime while he continues to remain the project lead of Tripleseat, co-founded by the startup Davidson and then once started working for Knudtson.

Flywheel is meant to become more than a hosting solution. Its management solution will be its greatest fundamental value for developers.

“The issue we’re working to solve is specific to web developers and agencies that handle a huge number of websites,” Davidson said.   and Somebody such as Mortar and Grain will create 30 WordPress website per year, so they need need to handle them … they need to signin into thirty different hosting accounts, or they’ll have to remember user names and password , or they’ll have to do tasks that make it extremely hard for them all to handle that many websites and release new websites

Flywheel’s management solution can provide designers with a dashboard which it shows all of the websites they’ve set up to manage customers and gives the opportunity to log in to the customer ‘s website if necessary. It will also provide developers with an opportunity to bill their customers for the Flywheel hosting prices they charge.