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Established in 2010, WP Engine is a managed WordPress hosting company that caters to customers that have developed their WordPress sites and blogs.  If you are never using WordPress on your website, then WP Engine isn’t for you.

Not like conventional standart shared hosting packages, managed WordPress webhosting takes good care of the technical aspects involved—such as website performance and management  of your WordPress  plugin —so that website owner don’t have to concern about their website.

While you still can find many other companies which provide managed WordPress hosting services, WP Engine continues to stand out beyond the rivals with a tighter responsive to the needs of WordPress developer, such as bloggers. More especially, managed hosting for WordPress , such as WP Engine, specializing in manage every the complicated aspects of this popular platform for website owner. They’re also excellent at security, optimizing caching, and support.

What’s a WordPress Hosting?

People should already know about regular internet hosting, and maybe they already know that managed hosting for WordPress operates in almost the same way. However, this works differently since your hosting provider will boost clients server and related files specially for the WordPress platform.

Due to the popularity of the WordPress platform, numerous web hosts are now offering WordPress dedicated packages. Certain hosts (like WP Engine) dedicating themselves completely to WordPress in order to deliver the best quality experience to those customers. Deciding which one managed WordPress hosting option is ideal for you requires a bit discernment and more research .

Do you really need to Managed WordPress Hosting to operate your WordPress website?

The simple answer would be no, you may not need a WordPress managed hosting to launch your WordPress website. However, managed WP hosting would give some significant advantages if you’re going to build your website or blog using the WP platform.

Initially, WP-specific hosting are generally more knowledgeable with WordPress as well as its unique features, this was crucial if you really require assistance for your website. Managed   hosting providers  for WordPress are also generally configured for the system, making sure that your website operates with optimal performance.

At last, they also include additional WordPress functionalities that you won’t find on standard web hosts. For example, WP Engine plans provide the popular StudioPress themes and Genesis framework  to help you create your website.

WP Engine Hosting Packages and Types

Today, now let us take a quick dive into WP Engine’s 3 primary hostings plans. Please remember that all plans are managed wordpress hosting packages, so they’re a little higher in price than ordinary standard host.

WP Engine Hosting Packages contain the following features.

  • Framework for Genesis
  • 35+ Theme from Studio Themes
  • Genesis Framework
  • 24 hours support by chat
  • Dev, Stage, Prod environment
  • Transmissible Sites
  • Global CDN
  • Automated SSL Certificate.

There have been 3 primary options could choose from, includes the option of order to build a custom packages to meet your requirements. Here is a brief summary among the most essential hosting packages and the features WP Engine Offer.

WP Engine Packages and Prices


The startup packages only allows the user to install one WordPress wesite, which is the most cheapest option. It includes all features we’ve gone through earlier and provides up to 25.000 visitors each month, 10 GB of data stored, and  50 GB bandwidth every  month. In addition, you could also buy the chance to set up an extra site at a discount price on this plan.

Growth Plan

If you require to get extra websites or perhaps more web traffic, you can move  to this hosting package. This arrives with a couple additional features, however most crucially, it provides up to 100,000 overall web visitors each month, and then you can build up to five websites upon this packages. This plan also provides 20 GB of data stored and also 200 GB hosting bandwidth for each month.

In addition to all the above features, the Growth Plan will provides 24/7 tech support from phone and  imported SSL certificates.

Scale Plan

Scale plan provides larger capacity and website restrictions and is created for bigger, growing enterprises. It provides same extra features as the previous growth Package, and as well as up to 400,000 visitor each month, 30 GB of data stored and also  400 GB hosting bandwidth for every month.

Custom packages

When none of the previous  packages fit client requirements, clients can create their own custom hosting package with higher traffic restrictions, more data storage, and expanded bandwidth choices.

Plan of Prices

Lastly, the packages aren’t cheap. The 3 primary packages are $30.00  a month for startup plan, $115.00  a month for growth plan, and $290.00  a month for scale plan. This is predicted for advanced WordPress hosting.

But the prices aren’t crazy either—they’re certainly inexpensive for every serious business enterprise. Even if you’re just implementing WordPress development the cost can be valuable it if you’re using the support.


Whenever it refers to clients hosting requirements, WP Engine does have all the covered bases . they have managed WordPress hosting packages features available to allow clients to develop along with clients website. And as well as, clients hosting will also be maximized to deliver the best WordPress possible performance.

With all of WP Engine hosting plans, they provide top-notch protection, SSL  (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates to support encrypt clients customer’s data, and much more. They are also the only hosting with WordPress Digital Experience Platform (DXP) that makes WP Engine perfectly suited to clients latest work, regardless of its size or demands.