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Like a content management system, WordPress provides both of the simplest and fastest ways to build up the website or blog. With several simple clicks, you could pick from one of thousands of templates and also develop interactive elements, like contact forms.

WordPress really hasn’t lost its usefulness to web hosting companies. In this article, you’ll find some of the best providers on the marketplace currently that give managed WordPress hosting.   This is indeed a good way to prevent the time and effort of web hosting your web material from zero since these vendors completely remove from you the job of establishing and managing your website.

What’s a WordPress Managed Hosting?

Managed WordPress Hosting would be a specially designed WordPress hosting service where all of the technical details of WordPress operation are managed by hosting companies. This would be to free the owners of websites from technical details so that they will just concentrate entirely on setting up a website and making content.

 Mainly important technical details, such as WordPress security, performance,  speed, caching,  backup, WordPress software upgrades, and so on., all are managed by hosts. The back-end web host looks a lot easy and incredibly user friendly that anyone can quickly recognize and handle.

It’s pretty new to the website hosting company, that recently created  with the increasing popularity of the platform of WordPress. Targeted at the increasing amount of WordPress developers, it provides an easy and simple WordPress hosting approach.

Managed wordpress hosting enables you to benefit from additional security , performance and also e – mail control and stability. As a result, many managed wordpress hosting providers tend to charge above what shared hosting might generally charge.

So, it’s best suitable for corporations or websites which have a lot of traffic and everyday users! In addition, it’s an amazing opportunity for non-technical people to set up a wordpress site without much trouble. With money – back guarantee 24/7 dedicated professional services provided, WordPress  managed hosting is obviously a good development you wouldn’t want to miss.

Best Managed WordPress Hosting 2021

Now though, you should’ve just taken the decision that you’ll have to purchase or move to managed WordPress hosting on your website.

So, without any further action, let’s take a closer look at the world’s best WordPress managed hosting.

1. WPEngine

WPengine is a faster and more reliable WordPress hosting company. It’s among the most widely known managed hosting out there.WPengine stands with plenty of amazing features like everyday automated backup systems, disaster management system, Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates,  and manage core WordPress latest update.

And this also provides the Genesis framework as well as 35plus StudioPress themes in each plan. Isn’t really that awesome, huh? Not just that, but they will also give free CDN to each of their clients. It’ll also help to make your website faster than your rivals.

WPEngine is known for offering great customer support. And they have a team of qualified WordPress professionals who are willing to help at every time of each day. WPEgine’s start-up plan starts at $35 for each month. It allows customers to create only one website with only a traffic maximum of 25.000 per month. You could always upgrade to a larger plan to launch more websites.

Planning to move your blog to WPengine but afraid of the tech things involved? Don’t fear about it! Thier extremely skilled team will manage the migration for you at no extra cost.

2. Flywheel

Flywheel was created with creatives and designers in brain, providing managed WordPress hosting which is tailored to their needs. It’s more than a hosting vendor and instead concentrates on streamlining the flow of work for web developers all over the place. Some particularly sophisticated functionalities are including simple collaboration billing transactions to your customers, and staging sites. And also, you could handle all of your websites from inside a single attractive control panel.

The Flywheel support staff is filled with WordPress specialists most of whom are designers, so your major issues would always be assigned to a skilled hand.

Specifically designed for WordPress websites, this looks at the various factors that can affect speed. CDN is readily accessible . Nightly backups, your websites would be backed up automatically every night, so that you can sleep easily. Great security feature, Flywheel continuously monitors your websites for hacker attacks and malicious code and fixes any issues you’ve found for free. More user friendly SFTP, working with the other developers and starting to work on customer site was never easier.

Prices are very acceptable and scales up to fit your requirements. It starts with a pay-per-site package starting at $23/month. After that, there will be massive plans into more major developers starting at $105 per month. Customized packages also are available.

3. NameCheap

Namecheap was formed at the beginning of the new millennium and is a big hosting outfit, headquarters is located in Phoenix, USA. This service provides managed WordPress hosting via an EasyWP range, which, as the title suggests, is intended to make things as simple as possible when it comes to building your blog.

And it isn’t just that simple to set it all up, it’s that quick too, so you’ll be able to run quickly, going to benefit from a user-friendly control panel to connect with the WordPress website in the future. Besides this convenience, Namecheap also is powerful once it relates to performance, and which all important factor:cost.

Since EasyWP is operate on the host’s cloud service, as compared to shared plan, Namecheap guarantees customers a much higher acceleration than rivals. In truth, Namecheap states that its WordPress managed hosting is about three times quicker than the conventional wordpress setup with a standard shared hosting server.

As far as pricing is concerned, the EasyWP Starter packages is only $14.88 yearly (with a 50 percent discount during the first year), although this is a barebones offering, only with 10GB of Storage space, and a restrict of 50,000 monthly visitors.

Moving up to the mid-range EasyWP Turbo monthly fee can charge you $44.88 billed yearly (which represents a 50% discount during the first year), get you 50GB of server space and lift the monthly audience restriction to 200,000, while going to throw in beefier technology (1.5x more RAM, CPU) and including free CDN and SSL. That’s great value for the money for the first year.

4. Bluehost

Bluehost is the best in the game once it comes to managed hosting WordPress. It was one of WordPress’s best-recommended services and has three WordPress managed hosting plans for users to choose.

All packages also provide Unlimited Domains, Subdomains, Unrestricted Storage, and  No Traffic Restrictions, Staging Environment ,Free SSL,  Quick WordPress Setup, Fully automated WordPress Updates, Spam Filters, Free Backup systems, Free Domain..

Bluehost is using SSD storage, that means which your site will be loaded much better than traditional disk drive storage. All packages – even for the cheapest – includes an unlimited number of sites.

So what are you paying for all of these sparkly features? The lowest price is a $29.99 per month Setup plan that gives you the all basic fundamentals you will need run a wordpress site.  It’s good to get started, and contains a marketing area, 100 free high quality wordpress themes, and privacy domain on top of all the standard features.

The preferred Grow package costs $39.99 per month as well as, as the title suggests, is intended to build your webpage and its viewers. You’ll get everything including the Build Plan and also business development tools, Premium JetPack, SEO tools, and much more.

The highest level plan is a $59.99 per month scale plan that arrives with powerful features such as JetPack Pro, unrestricted backup systems and restores, and PayPal collaboration, and also everything in the Grow plan.

If you’re looking for speed, security, and stellar WordPress reliability, Bluehost is your best pick.

5. Hosting A2

A2 Hosting is yet another best pick for everyones WordPress site. It keeps it up with Bluehost in terms of product features and even offers a better value!

A2 Hosting updates your WordPress and plugins automatically, so you’ll still be 100% up to date on the latest Wodpress versions. SSL protection is provided between all packages, and so are the free backup systems and free website transfers.

There have been three managed hosting packages, beginning with a one-site plan of $24.46 per month. This package supports one website, including 10GB of storage, free SSL protection, fully automatic backups and website staging. 

The 3-Site packages costs $38.75 per month and rises your restriction to three websites and 25GB of storage. These would be the key differences, even though they unlock certain features like another core, 1GB of additional physical memory, and two domains add-on.

The next most advanced plan is a $75.48 Unlimited package that provides an unrestricted number of sites and provides you with 40GB of storage.   You receive 4GB of physical memory and four cores , includes unlimited domain add-ons.

All hosting plans with a generous refund policy at any time.

6. Kinsta

Kinsta is a build quality managed WordPress host which has grown rapidly in popularity over last few years.

Kinsta started out as a high-end server, with the lowest price costing $100 a month. Nevertheless, that shifted at the end of 2017, and Kinsta has already become much more available to standard Website owners with starting prices at just $30 a month.

Firstly, this has all the functionalities you’d ask from a managed WordPress host, such as staging sites, fully automated backups, server caching, and so on.

It’s developed on the Google Cloud Service’s Premium Tier. Beyond offering you access to much the same technology that Google uses for all of its products, also it implies that you could choose from 18 different servers provided on every inhabitable continent.

Other grounds for considering Kinsta are including:

Custom Hosting Dashboard – Kinsta’s dashboard is amazing user-friendly and makes it simple to handle your webpage or hosting.

Intelligent staging/backup features – Kinsta instantly backs up your website anytime you start moving from staging to production, making it very easy to restore changes if necessary.

Performance-focused architecture – Kinsta is supported by the Premium Tier Google Cloud and contains the newest technology such as PHP 7+, NGINX, LXD containers, HTTP/2, MariaDB, and much more. You will also receive credit for KeyCDN and DNS premium  from  Amazon s3 at no additional cost.

24/7 customer chat support – Kinsta provides 24/7 live chat assistance thru the always present Intercom widget.

Strong security – beyond firewall and DDoS detection, Kinsta also brings hardening WordPress login , monitoring uptime , and a host of other essential security systems.

Free migration – Kinsta currently offers free migration from WP Engine or Flywheel. Anything other than that, the amount of migrations will depend on your plan.

7. Hosting WPX

WPX Hosting has been the best Managed wordpress hosting that we’ve checked. The servers are incredibly fast. They have their very own CDN  to further speed up sites. And they’ve got incredibly fast assistance with a concentrate on solving problems, instead of leaving you sitting out.

What could you request for?

How about free web migration from your old host, free SSL  into all your websites, and free removal of malware. All these are services that some other hosts can charge for. Malware removal would indeed charge Sucuri $15/month.

Independent test results by Review Signal valued WPX Hosting at a close score of 99.99 percent.

The level of support must be one of the primary reason for selecting a managed WordPress hosting provider. So in this section, WPX succeeds.

Not only could they quickly respond (under 37 seconds), they normally get your issue resolved in a matter of minutes. Either they’re looking to step on your site to make a fix or they’re trying to guide you thru the what to do. Everything is done via LiveChat, as well as an email transcript is sent to your records afterwards.

WPX Hosting features are including: Unlimited Web migration, WPX Cloud – the fastest WordPress CDN in the world . Unrestricted Free SSL  – One-click SSL configuration via Let’s Encrypt for all of your sites. Stage area – Allows to test changes to the website prior to actually placing them live. On-demand backups – Apart from scheduled daily  backups, you can operate manual backups from your control panel whenever you want, e.g. before you download plugin updates. DDoS Protection of Enterprise level , Malware Cleaner – If the website is hacked, WPX will reveal what’s did happen and clean up your website. And you can also get support for Rapid 24/7.

WPX Hosting plans start at $24.99/month , for 5 websites, 10GB of storage and 100GB of bandwidth.

8. Cloudways

There are a lot of advantages with using cloud platform. It’s easy to scale, users could have a lot more control over your server options, which is often budget-friendly. The problem is that these cloud hosting platforms – like Amazon Web Services  or Google Cloud – have become too complex for certain non-developers for using.

The goal of Cloudways is to streamline cloud-based web host so even non-developers could get advantage from such a type of hosting. It’s a cloud-based managed system that supports WordPress, among many other platforms. With Cloudways, you can quickly setup your website to a high-performance cloud service via a user-friendly dashboard.

The WordPress hosting system managed by Cloudways gives the option of 5 cloud services: Digital Ocean, Vultr, Linode,  Amazon Web Services, or Google Cloud.

Whatever you choose, you will receive support 24/7/365 via webchat and support tickets.

You can choose the closest data center to your target market for faster page load times.   And there’s an integrated Breeze cache plugin and CloudwaysCDN  for optimisation performance and faster response times.

All sites benefit from free managed backups, a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate,  and unlimited staging areas.

Finally, Cloudways provides full vertical scaling that allows users to add additional Storage or RAM  without affecting your current set up.

9. Liquidweb

Nexcess is a cloud-based wordpress managed hosting services from Liquid Web. Liquid Web is among the “most favourite” hosting companies with a high NPS score of 69.

Each site comes with  staging environment  and own SSL certificate. For any developer, you’ll be happy to know that you really can utilize your preferred tools such as Git, SSH,  and WP-CLI.

Your site will be backup fully automated every day and you’ll have the option of running instant backups if necessary.

There is no need to worry regarding exceeding your assigned bandwidth or trying to check pageviews. Nexcess scales instantly when the post goes viral.

Automatic scaling would be free for 12 hours, which at that point you may have to upgrade existing plan. But Nexcess didn’t charge any excess charges, so your prices won’t get it out of control.

Nexcess is  manage updates to the WordPress plugin. They also handle core WordPress updates, and you will get full access to an amount of premium themes and plugins like iThemes Security Pro, Astra Pro, and much more.

Amazing Speed – The Nexcess infrastructure is based on state-of-the-art technologies, such as PHP7, Nginx, and SSL to boost WordPress speed.

Free website migration – The Nexcess team is moving your site to their servers free of charge.

Nexcess WordPress managed hosting plans start at $19/month for 1 site, 15GB of storage, and 2TB of bandwidth.

10. Temple of the Media

The Media Temple entrance plan is very considerate. At $20 per month, you will receive free website movement, 30-day back – up and restoration, staging and cloning, 24/7 support,  and 400,000 monthly guests. Professional developers will also have a ton of choices, such as SSH access and Git integration .

Updated ‘Studio’ and ‘Agency’ plans include the malware removal and extensive traffic/storage options. Speed is at the top of the data centres we evaluated, particularly on the west coast of the United States.

Media Temple also has a menu of the exclusive themes so that you really can keep development and design under one roof.

11. Godaddy

GoDaddy is one of the best wordpress managed hosting services in the market. GoDaddy is the best solution if you really need additional services alongside your hosting.

Users have four packages to choose from, which all have included a free domain (on an annual basis), automatic WordPress updates,one-click migration,  unlimited bandwidth, and free backups.

The $9.99 for each month Basic option gives you 10GB of SSD storage and includes one website. The Deluxe ppackage costs $14.99 for every month, and contains 15GB of SSD storage, one website domain, and a one-click staging site that allows you evaluate recent changes before you publish them on your live website.

The $19.99 for each month Ultimate Package will provide two websites, 30GB SSD storage, a one-year free SSL certificate, and malware removal. It arises with everything from Deluxe Plan, too.

The Pro 5+ package is intended for 5 to 50 websites and expenses $34.99 per month. This will include 50GB to 200GB SSD storage,  free SSL certificates, auto backup systems, and free website maintenance systems 

If you really need domain names, email accounts, digital marketing, or maybe more, GoDaddy could even cover this for you as well. It provides a lot more than hosting, and if you’re looking for an all-in-one company, GoDaddy may be for you!

12.  Servebolt

Servebolt provides “extremely fast” WordPress managed hosting.  The Servebolt Performance 1st Cloud platform is based on whether they call “Bolts.”

Think of the Bolt as a bag for your website. Within it, there are Blazing fast databases, technical environment storage and settings , and also built support for Git, SFTP, SSH, and WordPress command-line tools.

Each Bolt provides numerous website development, staging and production sites, making it very easy to evaluate and encourage updates through one environment from another.

Servebolt starts to sound somewhat more “techy” than most other hosts, and therefore Bolts are so much faster, with good reliability and performance. In reality, Servebolt has received Top Tier status in all thirds of the recent Signal Performance Performance Benchmarks.

Servebolt Headquarters is in Norway, but they do have network infrastructure from around world to make sure that many more users as possible get the best experience of page loading on your webpage.  Everything that you need to handle comes through the simple control panel.

Serverbolt features are including: 6x significantly faster loading – Servebolt Cloud configuration makes site loading faster. baServer-level caching – Optimized server-based caching helps make backend and frontend incredibly fast. WordPress Developer Toolkit – The Servebolt environment that includes Git, SFTP, SSH, and WP-CLI Developer Tools. SSL Certificate, an incredibly simple control panel from which you can handle all your services. Great security protection All processes are continuously monitored, upgraded and patched with the newest security fixes. 24/7 support – WordPress assistance chat experts are willing to help you solve every problem at any time of day.

Servebolt plans start at $59/month for 1 site, 2GB of storage, and 400k pageviews.