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WP Engine is a Webhost for WordPress that offers managed packages that are completely configured for the WordPress platform. Sure, comparison to several other WordPress managed hosts, WP Engine’s packages aren’t cheap by any means.

If you’d like to make sure that your site is optimized, safe and fast-loaded – rather than doing a huge amount of work on your own – managed hosting is an interesting option. WP Engine is among the leading brands when it refers to WordPress managed hosting.

Is WP Engine Hosting Shared?

Perhaps the most widely known content management system (CMS) on the internet, WordPress is a fantastic choice for so many kinds of websites. This included blog sites, small company sites, and even big business online properties

Just like every other CMS, you also have option when it relates to webhosting. Even so, a dedicated server is perhaps one of the best place to store and deliver your website. Since not every provider is offering this answer, WP Engine would do.

With such a dedicated WordPress hosting package, you will have access to the highest technology and a group of experts. This ensures that your website will be safe, stable and flexibility to meet all your expectations.

Also as premium dedicated servers platform, WP Engine offers packages for a wide range of website requirements such as managed hosting solution on a dedicated server. With WP Engine on your hand, you could be sure that your website operates as efficiently as possible.

Therefore the answer is the WP engine is a dedicated hosting plan, it’s not a shared hosting plan.

The main difference among both shared and dedicated  hosting is the number of sites stored on a single server. With shared hosting, the hosting server is split among multiple clients, generally with limited or no configuration settings. Dedicated hosting implies that you have your own hosting server and unlimited access towards its resources.

In view of this distinction, it makes perfect sense that dedicated hosting is much more flexible. On a shared server, you compete with the other customers for memory, storage capacity, and power. It’s extremely hard to scale up your resources to fulfill high traffic on your website and also to ensure that your website is trying to perform at its best.

In addition, with dedicated WordPress hosting, the protection of your own site does not rely on what other websites upon your server are protected. Instead, you have complete control so that you could better prevent an attack and loss of data.