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The Flywheel Cloud Platform hosting, it is not shared hosting. Yes,  they have shared  IP addresses, but every WordPress website will have its own resources. On the past  Flywheel, supported by a vps data center, but now they offers cloud hosting that powered by Google Cloud Platform. It means that they already deliver completely private servers which each website will have its own independent set of resources despite giving VPS hosting as in the past.

Its data centers location accross the world, Flywheel is committed to unmatched page rate of speed for people around the world. Whether you ‘re a Sydney-based freelancer, a Manila-based business,  with customers in New York, or a Europe blogger, Flywheel’s globalization feature allows you decide where you’d like to host your websites in the globe, making sure the greatest available speed for either you or your customers.

By using globalization feature, you’re already getting top reliability from even the heavy traffic site, but if you would like much more speed, they’re offering a CDN (Content Delivery Network ) on more than 30 nodes around the globe.

Flywheel primarily hosts WordPress website and maximizes each factor of them, from security to performance. Their market segment consists of design agencies and busy creative companies , although their packages and services are often just as effective for the ordinary blog and the WooCommerce store. You’ll see it in the way that your custom dashboard is simpler to use it when tried to compare with cPanel or even the typical shared server control panel.

So when you ask if the flywheel managed hosting service is shared hosting? The answer is no, and you’re going to get more power, speed and stability on their service because we know they’re using the google cloud server to host your website.