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Flywheel has been launched in 2012 by three website developer buddies, Tony, Dusty, and Rick. Getting worked in the field, they understood how important it is to become a mediator among a customer and a hosting provider.

Flywheel was intended to focus on providing agencies, freelancers,  and resellers by a platform which makes it simple using a workflow-centric concept, involve customers in the process, and cooperate upon that project.

Consequently, there is a massive responsibility for trying to target this particular client base. When you’re a specialist for this space, you require tools to help you work faster and smarter. All such tools become much more crucial for agencies or teams.

So, is the flywheel hosting worth the price?

Flywheel gives the great performance ,fast speed server  and support essential to maintain your WordPress website running properly.

In fact, Flywheel makes it easier to create a WordPress site from the scratch via its demo version webpages and one-click staging functionalities.

Flywheel is created on a reliable network infrastructure configured for scale, speed, and also security.

Their packages are powerful in features; you’ll get the website transferred for free, auto backup systems and fully automated WordPress updates,  integration of CDN, built-in caching,  Support SSL , and much more.

And furthermore, they also provide a generous 30-day satisfaction money back guarantee.

Flywheel pros and cons

Anyway when we finally end this WordPress Flywheel summary, now let us take a final look at the advantages and downsides of this web host.


A good selection for wordpress website (and security) solutions.

Good staff of support.

Stable and  Fast hosting performance.

Plenty of additional features for agencies and freelancers .


A higher cost tag than that other competing companies, particularly if you consider numerous different sites to be hosted.

Conclusion for The Question

Flywheel provides an excellent hosting experience at reasonably low costs. There’s many cheap options around here, but nobody can meet Flywheel if it comes to technical quality of service. If you’re a WordPress developer with only a little space in your budget, Flywheel is definitely worth a try.

So the answer is yes if you need quality hosting at an affordable price on your budget the flywheel is for you.