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Flywheel stands out from some other managed WordPress web hosting industries by providing a variety of features which make things easier for website developers. What was more, all such features are packaged in an elegant, simple interface.

We’re already going into them in a much more in-depth review, but, in this post, I just want to discuss their hosting packages and prices.

Flywheel provides four pay-per-site plans and also three bulk plans. All these plans range in cost and features. Pay-per-site pricing starts at $15 a month, and bulk plans begin at $100 a month We’ll detail all of the prices below:

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Pay-per-Site Plans for Flywheel:

1.) Tiny

  • Price $15
  • 5,000 visitors per month
  • 5GB of disk space
  • 250GB Bandwidth Amount of transferring data provided on a monthly basis.

2.) Personal

  • Price : $30 per month.
  • 25.000 visitors permonth
  • 10GB of disk space
  • 500GB of bandwidth
  • staging website 

3.) Professional

  • Price: $75 per month.
  • 100,000 visitors permonth
  • 20GB of disk space
  • 1TB Bandwith
  • CDN 
  • Multi-site 
  • Sites of staging 

4.) Custom

  • Price : make a plan/price call
  • Millions of visitors per month
  • Custom Disk space
  • Customized bandwidth
  • CDN 
  • Multi-site
  • Sites of staging

As you’ve seen, the further expensive the packaged, more and more features you receive, disk space, monthly visitors and the higher bandwidth you will get.

The Flywheel Bulk Plans:

1.) Freelance

  • Price : $100 per month.
  • Setup 10 WordPress sites
  • 150,000 visitors per month
  • 40GB of disk space
  •  4TB Bandwith

2.) Agency

  • Price: $150 per month
  • Install 30 WordPress website
  • 600,000 Monthly visitors
  • 120GB of disk space
  •   8TB Bandwith

3.) Custom

  • Price: make a plan/price call
  • Install more than 30 WordPress Website
  • Millions of Monthly Visitors
  • Custom Disc Space
  • Customized bandwidth
  • CDN 
  • Multi-site

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With bulk packages, you pay the extra for much more WordPress setup, visitor per month, disk space, hosting bandwidth, and some additional features included.