Lift leverages the search index power of Amazon CloudSearch to improve your WordPress-powered site’s search experience through:


Better search relevancy

Search takes into account multiple factors to provide results based upon relevancy which provides better results than WordPress’s standard text search.


Search filters for your power users.

Built-in methods support filtering post types and date ranges while sorting helps tune the display of results further.


Built for your WordPress Theme

Integrates with your site’s current theme without the need for customization. Provides optional template tags to customize your site’s theme to take advantage of CloudSearch features such as facets and filtering.


Minimal up front setup

Uses Amazon’s CloudSearch SaaS and runs on top of a standard WordPress installation with no additional servers, services, or hosting configuration needed.

Display of Results and Filters

  • Displays controls to filter and expose relevant content
  • Display search field to allow power users to refine search results
  • Results can be sorted by date or relevancy
  • Paginated results
  • Support for "no results" found pages from search submission as well as no "no results" after filtering

Fully Featured WordPress Admin

  • Quickly and easily tie Lift to your Amazon AWS account through the WordPress admin. Even if you do not have a Amazon CloudSearch configured, setup literally takes minutes through the Lift administration
  • Lift Dashboard provides insight into what content is being indexed with CloudSearch and when
  • Plenty of documentation to help you get up and running

Powered by Amazon CloudSearch

1. Create your WordPress posts and pages as you always would

2. As you publish posts and pages they are automatically indexed in Amazon CloudSearch

3. Your site visitors search your site as they always would

4. Search results are retrieved from Amazon’s CloudSearch and ranked for relevance

5. Visitors receive search results far superior to the default WordPress search


How much does Lift Search for WordPress Cost?

The plugin is free and brought to you by the Platforms Team at Voce Communications, a team of enterprise-level developers and designers. As WordPress VIP Service Partners, Voce has provided world class development experience to many of the country’s top companies including Tribune Media, Big Ten Network, Sony PlayStation, and ESPN.

There are costs associated with the Amazon CloudSearch service and are based upon usage. You can learn more about expected costs here.

Need help with customization, configurations, integration, and setup?

We’ve built Lift to provide a viable search solution for some of the biggest publishers around. If you think we can help, please request more information.